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Amber Gabrielle performing with CODED SENSATION audio skin

Bodies with technological "attachments", "cybernetic organisms" rooted in our collective imagination since '60s, do not belong to Sci Fi literature any longer; they are becoming integral part of the everyday life. Inevitably, this "smart second skins" capture imaginative and creative potentials of contemporary artists, stimulating them to search for new applications and new meanings.

In this direction moves the project developed by Martin Rille, Coded Sensation, postulating the possibility to transform the surface of our body into the "sensible container" of data and knowledge, of words and sounds that can be "released" through bodycontact.
Touching, hearing and feeling thus become equally important as seeing; a synthesis of senses become a way of knowing the world. For the moment it is only a possibility; but that is exactly what art should do: envision possibilities and open perspectives, allowing us to became aware of our present and even more of our hypothetic future.

Seeing sculptural and performative works by Martin Rille make us believe that future is closer than we think: it corresponds to a time-dimension in which we are able to "unfold" our stories through sensible body-films that make us "speak" through the movement, guide us in a sort of a sensuous dance enhanced by mysterious music and noise produced by dark and shiny "sound" suits.

Suits, made of audio tape and entirely sustainable, besides potential futuristic scenarios, trigger awareness of environmental urgencies of our present time. Dobrila Denegri


audio skin
The Information Layer is directly written onto the surface.

Coded Sensation, audio skin

All that happens in Coded Sensation is generated by touch. Hands sinuously caress bodies and objects that are completely covered by a shiny and iridescent black cloth, from which sounds emanate. The special fabric is created by applying a thin sheet of chromium oxide (the same used in cassette tapes) onto a simple ... Chiara Ciociola



example 6
Sonic suits completely made out of recorded cassette tapes,
transforming the surface of our body into a "sensible container"



Many senses, like the eyes, ears, tongue or nostrils are scattered over a small area while the sense of touch covers the whole body. Tactile sensation is the first sense a newborn child develops and with which it has the first experiences in this world. As a result, the first memories a human gathers, are imprinted through tactile sensation. Therefore it is the sense that triggers the most deepest link to human emotion.

Coded Sensation is realized through applying an ultra-thin sheet of chromium oxide onto the surface of fabrics and storing information through a magnetic modulation. As like in audio-tapes this technique is extremely sustainable.

Stories and poems in audio are stored on the surface of these coded fabrics. A reading head, which consists of an electromagnetic sensible coil,  reads the magnetic fluctuation in the chromium oxide. It then is transformed into an acoustic media. This process works reciprocally. Coded Sensation
by Martin Rille


Amber Gabrielle – CHOREOGRAPHY
Michael Hammerschmid – PHILOLOGY/LITERATURE
Hannes Köcher – DIGITAL ART

Amber Gabrielle
Julia Hausberger
Milan Mladenovic
Adam Mühl
Kelly Nash
Johanna Rille

Flora Hauser

Thanks to
Marit Burger, Thomas Grill, Janos Karpati, Peter Kozek, Wolfgang Lehrner, Paul Leitner, Gregor Petri, Johann Scholz, Lisa Truttmann, Salazar Quas, Elisabeth Wildling


Functional Aesthetics
Visions in Fashionable Technology
by Sabine Seymour


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Functional Aesthetics, the sequel to Seymour's highly acclaimed book Fashionable Technology (Springer 2008), explores state-of-the-art artistic and design examples with a focus on their aesthetic and functional aspects. Chapters such as Context as Prerequisite, Body Sculpture, or Transparent Sustainability provide in-depth studies of visionary projects between the poles of fashion, design, technology, and sciences, which could stimulate new developments in the blossoming field of Fashionable Technology.

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